The United Nations released a detailed report about climate change this week, indicating that the past decade has been the warmest in 125,000 years. That finding strengthens the case for accelerating the move away from fuels that create greenhouse emissions. You can read it all here.

Regardless of your opinion about global warming and how it can be mitigated, there’s no question about where the world is headed — investors had better heed the trend. Here’s a list of 20 stocks of companies expected to grow most quickly as they help push the clean energy transformation.

Debt feeds global warming

Jillian Berman writes MarketWatch’s Extra Credit column. This week, she explains how the climate crisis springs in part from an economic crisis in many emerging markets.

The latest in electric vehicles

The Nio ET7 electric sedan, shown here at the Auto Shanghai 2021 show. (Bloomberg News)

Sales of electric vehicles are expected to soar as they become more popular and governments around the world uses the carrot-and-stick method to encourage their use. Here’s a roundup of MarketWatch’s EV industry coverage this week:

What about hydrogen for clean energy?

Hydrogen fuel cells are another alternative energy source that has been considered too expensive for some applications. Toyota makes cars that use hydrogen fuel cells, but sold only about 2,000 of them during the second calendar quarter.

Rachel Koning Beals explains the controversy around a new report challenging the assumption that hydrogen is a zero-emissions fuel.

Time for a third Covid shot?

AFP via Getty Images

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized an additional Covid-19 shot for people with compromised immune systems.

Jennifer Girotto explains what is needed before the FDA gives full approval for coronavirus vaccines.

Weston Blasi has an updated list of companies that are requiring workers to be vaccinated before returning to offices.

Can Walmart grow more quickly than Amazon?

Walmart Inc.

will announce results for its second fiscal quarter on Aug. 17. Tonya Garcia explains why the nation’s largest retailer may begin growing its online sales more quickly than Inc.

Funds to fight inflation — and for partisan investors

Getty Images

Passive investing through index funds or exchange traded funds has been a winning strategy for years, but that has been during a period of low inflation in the U.S.

Now that we’re in an economic environment with rapid price increases, Mark Hulbert shows which index might be best for investors who wish to stay ahead of inflation.

As part of MarketWatch’s premium series of stories for subscribers, Hulbert explains the difference between Democratic and Republican ETFs.

More MarketWatch premium: If you own an S&P 500 fund, you might want to consider replacing it with this better-performing dividend fund

What are the tax implications if a relative gives you a piece of property?

Jacob Passy explains the tax implications for someone who gives away property and for the person receiving it.

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ETF Wrap — investing in the Covid recovery

Mark DeCambre writes the ETF Wrap column. This week, he describes various ways for investors to focus on this sector that is gaining the most during the economic recovery.

Stocks for investors who think the market is too high

Getty Images

Michael Brush lists five stocks being bought by corporate insiders who have excellent track records.

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