Sidney Powell, notorious for claiming rampant fraud swung the 2020 presidential election, recently faced a determined critic — an Australian journalist who challenged one of former president Donald Trump’s top lawyers on the facts of an election whose outcome is still, nearly 10 months on, bitterly disputed by Trump and many of his supporters. 

The questioning came from Sarah Ferguson, a reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Co. investigating the fallout from the November election. She sat down with Powell, who did not wish to answer questions about Dominion Voting Systems. Powell, along with Rudy Giuliani and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, is facing a multibillion-dollar lawsuit over claims that the company engaged in voter fraud. She is also facing sanctions in Michigan, where she challenged the results of the election, but said that she did not expect to be sanctioned.

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Powell said she had “great concerns” shortly after the election because she “knew something very wrong had happened. It was obvious to me from the mathematical and statistical impossibilities that occurred the night of our election.” 

“It was essentially a bloodless coup where they took over the presidency of the United States without a single shot being fired,” Powell explained. 

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Ferguson tried to challenge Powell on some basic facts, such as the number of states in which Smartmatic — another voting-machine company singled out by the Trump team — was operating. When Ferguson pointed out Smartmatic machines were only used in one county in California, Powell responded that its involvement was “probably a lot bigger than that.” 

As Ferguson challenged Powell further, Powell inquired multiple times whether the journalist was working for Smartmatic. “You know, I’m confused why you’re here,” Powell said.

But the highest-intensity back-and-forth came after Powell briefly stopped the interview because Ferguson had steered the interview toward items Powell called subject to litigation.    

Ferguson said official bodies responsible for the conduct and oversight of the election had determined there was no fraud, and Powell responded that such conclusions represented “propaganda.” 

“I disagree with that completely, and we have, and will produce, additional evidence that proves otherwise,” Powell said. 

Powell, asked whether she was suggesting vast numbers of Americans were involved in fraud, said that thousands did participate “knowingly or unknowingly.” 

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But who was responsible for the fraud? Powell wouldn’t say exactly.

“I don’t know who all the ‘they’ are,” she said. “I would really like to know the answer to that. But it’s a significant number of ‘they,’ and they knew exactly what they were doing and they planned it for three years. This was no accident.”

Ferguson then asked Powell: “Do you ever hear yourself and think that it sounds ridiculous?” 

“No. I know myself very well,” Powell responded. “I’ve been in me a long time.”

Watch the full interview below:

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