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How can I make sure that the money I’ve saved will last my whole retirement?: One of Americans’ biggest fears is that they’ll run out of money in their old age, but there are ways to prevent that. 

I love cool weather and the outdoors to hike but can’t afford to stay in Oakland — where should I retire in the western U.S.?: Want to move for retirement but not sure where to go? Check out MarketWatch’s column “Where Should I Retire?”

America’s retirement savings system is deeply flawed — can it be fixed? Here are some ideas: Retirement security is a major concern for some financial experts, but not all hope is lost. 

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Does bitcoin belong with your 401(k)?

Biggest Social Security COLA in years coming, but it could be bigger

How did stimulus checks affect household finances?

More in retirement news:

China’s Hong Kong Crackdown: Billions in retirement money blocked for UK Emigres (Bloomberg)

Gov. Cuomo files for retirement, effective September 1 (RochesterFirst)

Why your spend down retirement phase requires planning (Standard-Examiner)

Aaron Rodgers’ ‘meditation’ saved Packers from retirement catastrophe (New York Post

Greensboro retirement facility shares insight on nationwide requirement to vaccinate nursing home workers (WFMY)

Research and Insight:

34% of workers have made this mistake with their retirement savings (Fox Business)

3 steps to $1.9 million in retirement savings (The Motley Fool)

Be honest with yourself about what you want out of retirement (Kiplinger)

$1M is no longer the standard nest egg — here’s how much most Americans think you actually need to retire (Yahoo Finance)

Disability discrimination and aging workers (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

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How to rein in pricey prescription costs on Medicare Maybe you can live longer by eating fewer calories. But should you?

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