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We have $8 million saved for retirement, are in our early 50s, and want to retire early, but are worried about healthcare expenses — what can we do?: Having millions of dollars saved is a great way to enter an early retirement, but even people with that amount of money need a few pointers before they exit the workforce. 

While many are looking for work, some older workers are jumping at the chance for a new start: Workers over 50 are reevaluating what they want to do with the rest of their lives.  

Empower to buy 4,300 retirement plans from Prudential in deal worth $3.55 billion: This is the latest acquisition for the retirement investment firm. 

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Medicare covers hospital care and doctor visits. But did you know it also covers grief counseling and depression screening?

Lessons from a real-life downsizing 

Should seniors get reverse mortgages

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Research and Insight:

Over 20% of women take no part in couples’ retirement planning, study shows (GOBankingRates)

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Go ahead, retire early. But it’ll cost you (Government Executive)

New study shows most people aren’t saving enough for retirement (KMVT)

State auto-IRAs are building momentum (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

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If you want to change careers after 45, you need to do this one thing first When to consolidate your 401(k) plans — and when not to

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