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Planning for retirement? You should also plan for inflation: The cost of living is rising, and it’s all the more reason you should factor inflation into retirement plans. Here’s what to know.

Love and money: How your relationship with your spouse and your finances are connected: Money can be a major source of tension in any relationship, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Is a bucket strategy superior to the 4% rule?: There are many ways to draw down retirement savings, but which is best?

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We want a $250,000 home within an hour of the mountains or the ocean — where should we retire? 

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The 12 best destinations to retire on Mexico’s Caribbean coast

Retired but eager to resume part-time work? Here’s how to find the right gig 

Am I lonesome? ‘I’m fine. I’m fine.’ How single men can prepare to age alone. 

The perils of portfolio allocation for retirement savers 

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How the pandemic forged new FIRE followers, with a difference (The New York Times

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AIG to sell life and retirement unit stake to Blackstone, another with IPO (Reuters)

The most important retirement planning question you need to answer (Forbes)

Research and Insight:

Research shows people spending less in retirement than needed — here’s why (Yahoo! Finance)

Further proof that auto-enrollment is key to saving earlier for retirement (401(k) Specialist Magazine)

Retirement, once on track, now derailed for many (Credit Union Times)

Americans’ retirement-saving habits diverge along racial lines (Pensions & Investments)

Retirees’ home equity: Useful but unused (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

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Lonely seniors may die 5 years early

These are the 3 elements of a happy retirement 

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Upcoding is ‘an epidemic’ and ‘the most common type of accepted fraud’ — why you should never pay that first medical bill 

8 inflation tips for your savings, investments and retirement planning This state sees age as an asset and wants to put older residents to work

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