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‘Every day has been like triage’: The early end of this lucrative COVID-era tax credit is disappointing to this small business owner, but many overlooked it

Congress created the Employee Retention Credit earlier in the pandemic as an employer incentive to keep people on staff. Read More

How to travel overseas safely post-pandemic

As the world slowly opens up and we yearn to travel again, the first thing to consider before you book that getaway is your own health. Read More

‘Live your life like Elon Musk’: Why some financial advisers say it’s worth weighing end-of-year stock sales — just like the Tesla CEO is doing

The Tesla CEO is considering selling some of his shares. Financial professionals say there’s a lesson in that for all investors. Read More

IKEA expands its ‘buy back and resell’ program for used furniture to all U.S. stores

The service is part of the company’s ‘Green Friday’ campaign. Read More

Americans are racking up credit-card debt again — as mortgage forbearance ends and prices continue to rise

In total, household debt increased by $286 billion in the third quarter to $15.24 trillion, according to data published Tuesday by the New York Fed. Read More

The new 2023 Toyota BZ4X: An electric SUV with a sci-fi vibe

Styled similar to the RAV4, this SUV will emphasize range and value, with fast charging and an estimated 300 miles a pop. Read More

What can you do about rising food prices?

The maker of everything from Wheat Thins and Triscuits to Oreos and Sour Patch Kids is jacking up prices. Here’s what you can do about rising grocery costs. Read More

I rebuilt my life after hitting rock bottom at 19. My estranged daughter says she only wants my money and jewelry. Do I include her in my will?

‘I had gotten divorced, willingly left my two children with their father and attempted suicide multiple times, and was sitting in a jail cell for writing bad checks.’ Read More

Tesla buyers take out the longest auto loans

Only one car manufacturer had an average loan term less than 60 months, a new survey says. Read More

After the Travis Scott concert tragedy, experts offer 5 tips on how to stay safe in crowds

There have been several tragic incidents at concerts and other events in recent years where people died because of unsafe crowd conditions and stampedes. Read More

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