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Surprise medical bills often strike after childbirth — but help is on the way

Unexpected medical bills are estimated to be ‘more frequent and larger’ in cases involving cesarean delivery or neonatal intensive care. Read More

No OPEC+ deal on crude oil production — why that’s bad news for U.S. drivers

Americans are paying an average of $3.13 for a gallon of gasoline, a seven-year high, according to the AAA. Read More

These are the cities with the biggest share of homeowners in danger of foreclosure

Some mortgage borrowers aren’t out of the woods yet from COVID-related financial challenges. Read More

I earn $54,000. My wife earns $28,000. I pay most of our bills, but she’s upset that she pays our $3,000 taxes

‘Yearly, I pay about $20,000 for expenses. She contributes $7,200 to our savings per year.’
Read More

‘I don’t want to be taken advantage of’: My boyfriend moved in during the pandemic and pays me $400 a month

‘The cheapest I could imagine his overhead being in our market would be about $700 for rent, plus another few hundred dollars for utilities and transportation.’
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Dr. Fauci advises vaccinated Americans to wear masks in areas with low COVID-19 immunization rates

‘You might want to go the extra step,’ said Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser. Read More

Why minivans are the hottest thing right now

That’s right: Minivans are the new hotness, something we haven’t said in over a generation. Read More

If you’re shopping for a used car, these are your best bets

Whether you’re looking for a practical crossover, a rugged pickup truck, a fun performance car, or anything in between, buying used is still a good option. Read More

What to do when your digital assets take a dive

If you’re not a seasoned cryptocurrency investor, a crash could come as a shock. Here’s what crypto experts say you should consider before you dabble in digital currencies. Read More

Why rent a car? There may be a cheaper option that lets you travel in style

In the midst of a rental car apocalypse, limo rentals might not just be easier to justify — they might actually be cheaper too. Read More

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