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Weekend reads: How to profit as humanity cleans up its act

Also, how debt feeds global warming; how to value electric-vehicle stocks; and how Walmart may overtake Amazon in a critical sales category. Read More

The IRS just sent out another round of child tax credit payments. Here’s what to do if you didn’t receive yours

The first round of payments in July may already be helping hungry families, U.S. Census Bureau data suggests Read More

What can you do for a living to earn six figures? These jobs might surprise you

A Reddit thread explores which occupations pay $100,000 year or more — and many blue-collar jobs make the list. Read More

My partner’s dad owns the home we live in. He stopped collecting rent during COVID — but I’m still paying

‘We function as one big, happy family of five. We share groceries and have meals together.’ Read More

From auto mechanic to money adviser: How one financial planner shifted into a new gear

Perseverance and personality helped Dan Murphy get his start. Now he’s launching his own firm. Read More

Why a minivan is the best car ever

All it took was one small arrival in my life to make me understand just how useful minivans can be. We had a baby. Read More

‘The climate crisis is an economic crisis’: How debt is fueling global warming —and the risks of buy now, pay later

This week’s Extra Credit also explores latest in student-loan news. Read More

A wealthy client gifted me $75,000 to help save my business. Her circumstances have changed — now she wants it back

‘For six years, the woman has never worked, and her alimony is about to stop. She has to sell her marital home.’ Read More

Drug-overdose deaths soared by almost 30% during the pandemic — especially among these Americans

Preliminary data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention paints a grim picture amid job loss and mental-health challenges. Read More

My mother passed her condo onto me through a quitclaim process before she died. Do I owe any taxes on it?

‘I was told by my income tax preparer that she should have paid some kind of a tax. But she never filed income taxes for years as she was not required to because of her low income.’ Read More

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