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These are some of the most racially diverse second-home markets to consider

Many of the country’s well-known second-home destinations — think Nantucket, Cape Cod, East Hampton — are not exactly known for their diversity. But what if that’s something that is important to you as a potential buyer? Read More

You Can Rent Scottie Pippen’s Chicago-Area Home on Airbnb During the Olympics

The legendary NBA star Scottie Pippen was a Hall of Famer on the court. His contributions alongside the superstar Michael Jordan were one of the highlights of last year’s fascinating documentary on their team, the Chicago Bulls, in the 1990s, ‘The Last Dance.’ Read More

My daughter no longer speaks to me or my husband, and mocked our family values. Do we cut her out of her $2 million inheritance?

‘She has told us that we are toxic parents, and she doesn’t need the stress we create for her with our beliefs.’
Read More

Weekend reads: A dire warning about Chinese stocks

Also, more advantages of index investing, how athletes can benefit from new NCAA rules and stocks that are alternatives to Amazon. Read More

A rare sake is finally available in the U.S., just in time for the Tokyo Olympics

This ‘world-class’ sake ‘can be every bit as complex as the best of Burgundy,’ says Wine Access sommelier Eduardo Dingler. Read More

Chef Mario Batali and ex-partner reach $600K settlement with sexual harassment victims

The New York attorney general found that employees at Batali’s restaurants were forced to endure sexual remarks, groping and unwanted kissing. Read More

Biden to introduce new aid for mortgage borrowers at risk of foreclosure

The Biden administration on Friday plans to expand assistance programs for borrowers who fell behind on their mortgages during the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to face economic hardship, a bid to prevent a sharp rise in foreclosures over the coming months. Read More

FICO scores leave out ‘people on the margins,’ Upstart’s CEO says. Can AI make lending more inclusive — without creating bias of its own?

‘The heart of an AI system is that it keeps learning and is constantly getting better,’ Dave Girouard tells MarketWatch. Read More

4 in 10 workers say they’ll look for another job if they have to go back to the office full-time

One recruiter says workers would rather have the ability to work from home than higher pay. Read More

The cost of the Olympics’ ‘runaway arms race’ and new hope for student loan borrowers in bankruptcy

Between 1968 and 2012, the median Olympic games was 150% over budget, according to research by a Holy Cross economics professor. Read More

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