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This is the ‘best place’ to live in America — and it isn’t on the coast

Some cities ranked much worse this year because of COVID-19. Read More

S&P 500 companies that performed better during the pandemic had this one thing in common

A new analysis looked at year-over-year revenue growth in 2020 compared to 2019. Read More

Why vegetarians are winning the inflation battle

In June, Americans paid 4.5% more versus May for beef and veal and 3.1% more for pork, while canned and frozen vegetables saw price cuts. Read More

My husband and I bought our late neighbor’s foreclosed home. My stepdaughter moved in — then the problems began

‘I paid most of the cost of the home. The plan was to fix it up, and rent or sell it.’ Read More

How long will my EV battery last? Here’s what to know

The power source for an electric car is an expensive component to replace. Here’s how long you can expect a battery to last, and how to extend its life, too. Read More

How to start a post-pandemic savings plan, or tweak the one you have

Whether you’re unsure how to save or already saving, this year may look a little different. Here are some ways to adjust a savings plan in the current environment. Read More

EVs are catching on—registrations were up 95% in early 2021

Even thought they’re still a small part of the market, Americans registered new EVs at three times the rate of other types of new cars. Read More

Struggling small businesses are flocking to crowdfunding to raise capital

Regulation crowdfunding works via government-monitored online platforms. Here’s what’s key to running an effective campaign. Read More

Identity thief used burner phones and Apple Pay to buy diamond-encrusted bitcoin medallion — and $600K in luxury goods

The swag ranged from dozens of MacBooks and iPhones, a $35,000 Rolex watch and multiple pieces of jewelry, and actual bitcoin too. Read More

My wife and I have $1.8 million saved and earn $400K. I want to pay off our 20-year mortgage before we retire. She says no

‘I worry that stretching that house payment into our first five years of retirement will eat a huge chunk out of the retirement funds.’ Read More

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