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Why people are having trouble turning their second homes into dream homes

Think you can turn your second home into your dream home? Think again. A shortage of labor, lumber and other materials is prolonging renovations and inflating prices. Read More

This city has the most expensive rental market — residents need to make nearly 3 times the national average wage to afford an apartment

’11 of the 20 largest occupations in the United States pay a lower median hourly wage than what a full-time worker needs to earn to afford a modest apartment.’ Read More

IRS to send out 4 million refunds this week to people who overpaid taxes on unemployment benefits

About 13 million Americans in all will receive tax refunds because of a provision in the American Rescue Plan related to unemployment insurance income. Read More

Bay Area homeopath charged with selling fake COVID immunization pills and falsifying vaccine cards

Prosecutors say Juli Mazi told patients that FDA-authorized vaccines contained ‘toxic ingredients.’ Read More

Many jobs lost during the pandemic just aren’t coming back

Job openings are at a record high, leaving the impression that employers are hiring like never before. But many businesses that laid off workers during the pandemic are already predicting they will need fewer employees in the future. Read More

Mortgage rates experience ‘summer swoon’ as Fed maintains status quo

Falling mortgage rates are just one piece of a good news for buyers sticking out the tough housing market. Read More

Ex-oil company head sentenced for not reporting to prison for plant explosion conviction

Peter Margiotta had been convicted in Montana for a 2012 blast that severely burned two workers Read More

4 reasons your insurance company can cancel your auto policy

Yes, they can cancel your policy. Here’s why, and what you can do to get reinstated, or to avoid it happening altogether. Read More

The 10 most fun SUVs

Want to get dirty or zip along a curvy road? Maybe both? Here are some SUVs that will guarantee a good time. Read More

Is a travel rewards credit card right for you?

Points and miles earned from a travel credit card can help you get to a dream destination, especially as a new cardholder. But first consider what is right for you. Read More

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