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How to help people in Afghanistan as Western Union suspends money transfers into the country

Remittances make up nearly 4% of Afghanistan’s gross domestic product. Read More

Where did housing inventory decline the most in the U.S. amid the pandemic? Check voting records

A new study from the Federal Reserve examines how much the drop in home listings last year contributed to the rise in home prices. Read More

CDC adds Turkey and three other destinations to its list of places to avoid

Turkey and Montenegro join the list of riskiest places to travel to during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More

Students, advocates fight for executives to be held liable in collapse of major college chain

The collapse came after a nonprofit bought dozens of for-profit colleges, including Argosy University and The Art Institutes, in a controversial deal Read More

‘My father has abandoned me twice in my life’: I found him when I was 30, but he moved his girlfriend in — and disinherited me

‘My dad told me he never remarried because he knew one day I would find him, and he would be ready.’ Read More

My father’s will was amended to have us pay our stepmother’s expenses while she lives in his home — and $25,000 if she moves

‘He left the home in his will to both of us. The home was paid off by us shortly after he passed, as requested by his will.’ Read More

Home-builder confidence sinks to lowest level in over a year as home prices soar

Builders fear that prospective home buyers are being scared away due to sticker shock. Read More

10 midsize luxury cars you can get used for less than $25k

Going used is a great way to get the features and allure of a luxury brand at a more budget-friendly price. Read More

7 off-the-radar places worth stopping on a California road trip

Here are some of the best-kept-secret cities that will make a scenic road trip through the state unforgettable. Read More

Will you own a self-driving car in your lifetime? Are they even safe? Here’s the deal

Are we at the point where you can nap in the drivers seat? Here’s a rundown on the different levels of self-driving tech, and which cars offer the capability. Read More

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