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Feds seize sites posing as Walmart web pages to sell phony COVID-19 cures

Prosecutors believe the sites were really being used to steal people’s personal information. Read More

‘I have a little surprise for you’: Jeff Bezos announces $100 million award for leaders who ‘aim high’

Van Jones and José Andrés are the first two recipients of Bezos’s ‘courage and civility’ award. Read More

‘There are inherent disparities in the system’: Former NBA players say new NCAA rules will make college more equitable for athletes

College athletes can now profit from their names, images and likenesses — a rule that would have come in handy for former Golden State Warriors Festus Ezeli and Adonal Foyle, who both faced scrutiny while on basketball scholarships in college. Read More

The pandemic-induced recession ended more than a year ago — but the U.S. economy isn’t out of the woods yet

The recession caused by the pandemic was the shortest in U.S. history. Read More

Construction of new homes improves, but home builders still struggle with lack of labor and materials

Housing starts surged to the highest level since March thanks to a pick-up in home-building in the West. Read More

SEC accuses mother-son team of hyping phony stock-picking supercomputers — named ‘Orwell’ and ‘Tesla’ — in alleged investment scam

Joy and Brent Kovar allegedly claimed their non-existent AI-driven computers could deliver guaranteed annual returns up to 30%. Read More

Dept. of Education quietly scrapped government-branded debit card after fewer than 10 students used it

The Trump administration introduced the debit card as a way to deliver financial aid to students Read More

The states where car repair is most expensive

The one thing you can be sure about when your check engine light comes on is that it’s going to cost you money. Read More

4 reasons you should open a health savings account

If you have the right health insurance plan, and some cash on hand, you might want to harness the superpowers of an HSA. Read More

These are some of the features you can expect from the Rivian R1T electric truck

How about: zero to 60 in three seconds, high-tech entertainment features, wilderness-ready adventure package and an SPF way higher than your sunscreen. Read More

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