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Over half of Americans are more likely to shop at businesses with vaccine mandates: poll

And 62% of Gen Z consumers would more likely shop at stores that require all employees to be vaccinated. Read More

‘What in the white nonsense in this?’ Washington Post columnist faces criticism over his assessment of Indian food

Pulitzer Prize winner Gene Weingarten’s piece has become a hot-button topic on social media. Read More

Starbucks adds Apple Crisp Macchiato to Pumpkin Spice Latte season: Which one tastes the most like actual coffee?

Aug. 24 is the earliest date the coffee chain has sold java with the sweeteners and spices more associated with autumnal pie. Read More

Father and sons who promised to help lottery winners avoid taxes charged with illegally claiming $21 million in prizes

They’re accused of running a scam known as ‘ten percenting,’ in which they took a 10% fee to claim lotto winnings for people who don’t want their name attached to a big prize. Read More

CDC adds the Bahamas and five other destinations to its list of places to avoid

The CDC’s list of places to avoid now includes 80 destinations. Read More

My husband and I have lived in my grandparents’ home since 1999. They left it to me — now he wants half

‘The marriage has turned very ugly in a short period of time, and my husband is demanding that he get half of everything we own.’ Read More

My wife wants to pay for her financially reckless sister’s wedding. She told me I was selfish when I refused

‘Last weekend, they went and checked out the reception hall — and according to them, it just is not nice enough for a day my sister-in-law will always remember.’ Read More

New home sales rebound despite prices hitting record high

Builders are working through supply-chain challenges, and buyers don’t seem fazed yet by the price tags on newly-built homes these days. Read More

I dream of moving to San Diego, but it’s so expensive — even with a $300K down payment. Should we wait for the market to cool?

‘We have dreamed of moving closer to the beach — we’ve been in the mountains far too long. Our kids need things to do, we crave good food and better job opportunities.’ Read More

After struggling with substance abuse, this financial adviser found a mentor who helped him rescue his career

‘I was completely broke but I had found someone who believed in me.’ Read More

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