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‘Males, particularly white males, are persistently overrepresented’: Many kids of color don’t see themselves in the books they read

Researchers used artificial intelligence technology to analyze imagery in children’s books. Read More

A hole-y fashion statement? This $1,880 ‘distressed’ cardigan features ‘handmade punctures’

Intentionally damaged clothing items are hot-selling fashion statements once again. Read More

Can my employer make me get vaccinated?

More U.S. companies like Disney, Google and Netflix are asking workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19, but is it legal? Read More

Is your child headed to college this fall? This is one crucial thing they need but most likely don’t have

When a child becomes an adult at age 18, you as a parent are restricted in making medical decisions for them. A health care power of attorney fixes that. Read More

I’m 60 and have $1 million in my retirement accounts. My house needs a new roof. Should I use my savings to cover the repairs?

‘I am still working but at a job that pays me far less than I used to make, so being able to afford the repairs would require the withdrawal.’ Read More

My sister’s husband died, but his ex-wife’s name is still listed on the mortgage of his $400,000 house. What happens now?

‘My sister is getting ready to retire and be on a fixed income. The balance of the mortgage is approximately $150,000.’ Read More

The all new 2022 Mercedes-EQ EQS luxury electric sedan bursts with high tech

One of the company’s first steps toward its electric goal is the EQS, a dazzling, futuristic luxury sedan that goes on sale later this year. Read More

A simple, flat-rate cash-back credit card is a good way to get established and learn whether credit cards are right for you

If you’re new to credit cards, you might be both intrigued and wary. A no-fee, flat-rate cash-back card could be the answer to your concerns. Read More

Why is vacation so expensive? Blame business travel (or lack of it)

If you’re feeling some airfare sticker shock, it’s because those premium-paying travelers generally help subsidize leisure travel. Read More

This is what might really happen to your donated car

Why are there so many perfectly decent cars sitting in the junkyard? Many of them were donated to charities. Read More

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