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More than 1 in 10 Americans invested in crypto this year — here’s how they differ from stock market investors

‘Cryptocurrencies are opening up investing opportunities for more diverse investors.’ Read More

Ex-CEO of social media startup admits duping investors by claiming company had ‘Shark Tank’ backing

Investors in Brazzlebox accused the CEO of using their money to pay for vacations, jewelry and to support his ex-stripper girlfriend. Read More

Another 2.2 million stimulus checks just went out — and it’s a great reminder to file your taxes

There are benefits to filing a return with the IRS, even if you don’t make enough money to owe taxes. Read More

4 ways to find out whether your condo building is safe and structurally sound

The tragedy in Surfside, Fla., has been a wake-up call for Americans living in multifamily buildings across the country. Read More

You’re finally going on vacation. Do you remember how to pack?

After being grounded for over a year, even seasoned travelers admit to struggling with what was once a reflexive habit. Read More

Summer travel seasons don’t get weirder than this one

Some 2.2 million travelers waded through U.S. airport security on Sunday—more than on any day since the pandemic started. Read More

This is the midsize car that costs the least over 5 years

The roomy 5-passenger Volkswagen Passat sedan has two years of free maintenance, gets 36 mpg and saves you money long-term over the competition. Read More

7 new travel planning rules of the COVID era

Face it, almost everything about travel has changed, from the way you book your trip to where you stay and how you get there. Read More

My sister co-signed our nephew’s student loans for $35,000. When he defaulted, she paid them off. Should his parents repay her?

‘I asked my mom to have her compensated from our other sister’s proceeds, but my nephew’s mother said it was not her issue.’ Read More

Is there a ‘victory tax’ on gold medals? How Olympic athletes’ taxes are different than yours

Some highly-paid athletes will owe Uncle Sam. Read More

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