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Michelle Pfeiffer Lists Posh Property in Pacific Palisades for $25M

A year and a half after picking up a pricey Pacific Palisades property, the “French Exit” star Michelle Pfeiffer and her husband, TV producer David E. Kelley, have changed course and decided to part with the home. It’s now on the market for $25 million. Read More

Man arrested in Spain for Twitter hack that targeted Musk, Kardashian, Obama and others

Prosecutors say Joseph O’Connor was part of a group of hackers that took over more than 130 high-profile Twitter accounts last year. Read More

The ‘hidden pandemic of orphanhood’: An estimated 1.5 million children have lost a caregiver to COVID-19

‘Overall, there were up to five times more children who lost a father than who lost a mother.’ Read More

Only one U.S. airline ranked among the 10 best in the world — here’s who came out on top

Airlines’ track records amid the COVID-19 pandemic factored in the new ranking. Read More

A majority of U.S. parents are worried about their kids’ financial future

76% of conservative Republicans polled in 2021 said children today would be worse off than their parents. Read More

2020 was a record-setting year for ‘negative experiences’ — and women with small children topped the charts

In the U.S., women have left the workforce in large numbers amid school closures, a child-care crisis, burnout and other economic stressors. Read More

The best 2-row and 3-row midsize luxury SUVs in 2021

If you’re looking for a plush and roomy SUV, these are your best bets. Read More

How to take a road trip in an electric car without the range anxiety

An EV owner pushes the limits of his range to find the potential problems of California’s growing EV infrastructure. Read More

I successfully renovated a condo building. My new husband offered to manage my next project — and it all went horribly wrong

‘He now wants the $40,000 he invested in my building that he tore apart and left destroyed.’ Read More

My aunt and uncle had no children. My cousin, the executor, changed their will to inherit a $400K estate. Should we pursue this?

‘This niece had access to their finances, and acted as their real-estate agent when my aunt sold her home.’
Read More

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