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From gas savings to tax credits: 7 things to know about Biden’s new electric vehicle and mileage rules

Here’s a brief look at the figures, costs and savings consumers can expect with the Biden mileage efficiency and electric-vehicle expansion plan. Read More

Wellfleet oysters have been beloved by everyone from Queen Victoria to Anthony Bourdain — can they face off new competition?

The pandemic has hit the local industry hard, with sales nosediving by about 50%. Read More

My unfaithful husband wants me to sign a quitclaim deed before our divorce — after 5 years of marriage

‘The agreement was he would refinance the home in his name only and we would get a divorce.’ Read More

‘We will see a war over the next couple months between Robinhood enthusiasts and Robinhood skeptics’

The fee-free trading app, which went public last week, filed to sell up to 97.9 million more Class A shares over time. Read More

Disneyland relaunches its annual pass program — with big changes that’s making some regulars unhappy

One of several changes: Magic Key holders who are a ‘no show’ for 3 reservations in a 90-day window will be unable to make new park reservations for 30 days. Read More

Here’s a glimmer of hope that more unvaccinated Americans are willing to get the COVID-19 shot

Over 165 million Americans are now fully vaccinated, but many of those who haven’t received their shots remain skeptical. Read More

Mortgage rates fall to lowest level in six months amid delta variant concerns

Investors are taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to the latest phase of the pandemic. Read More

This is the most important question to ask your doctor to avoid unnecessary medical care

The American epidemic of unnecessary medical treatment is one reason your healthcare costs keep going up. Read More

To save money on a new car, can I get the dealer to remove accessories or factory options?

Answers to your most pressing questions about installed accessories, plus the differences between factory, port, and dealer-installed options Read More

Is it too late to score a hotel deal this summer? Not if you follow these surefire tips

Room rates have risen to record levels, but there are plenty of ways to save. Read More

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