The First Trust Rising Dividend Achievers ETF selects quality dividend stocks while spreading risk evenly. See full story.

Face mask fights escalate in Texas and Florida as delta variant of COVID forces Louisiana to send ambulances to other states

The war of words over orders implemented by the governors of Florida and Texas seeking to ban school districts from requiring students wear face masks as protection against COVID-19 when they return to classes in person has escalated into a series of lawsuits from concerned parents. See full story.

My mother passed her condo onto me through a quitclaim process before she died. Do I owe any taxes on it?

‘I was told by my income tax preparer that she should have paid some kind of a tax. But she never filed income taxes for years as she was not required to because of her low income.’ See full story.

4 strategies to minimize taxes in retirement

Will your RMDs be higher than your living expenses in retirement? Do something about it now See full story.

A wealthy client gifted me $75,000 to help save my business. Her circumstances have changed — now she wants it back

‘For six years, the woman has never worked, and her alimony is about to stop. She has to sell her marital home.’ See full story.


Employees who decide to work remotely and move to less expensive areas of the country may be subject to a pay cut See full story.

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