The U.N. climate report is a tough pill to swallow. Investors need to wake up too, says our call of the day, which offers ways to start thinking about it now. See full story.

I found money stashed in my late father’s house. One brother owes me money, and the other stole from my mother. What should I do?

‘My idea was to hold on to it, until I see them being more responsible with finances.’ See full story.

Mortgage forbearance is about to end for millions of Americans. Here’s why that’s good news for home buyers

As COVID protections end for homeowners, many families will face financial challenges. See full story.

I’m 60 and have $1 million in my retirement accounts. My house needs a new roof. Should I use my savings to cover the repairs?

‘I am still working but at a job that pays me far less than I used to make, so being able to afford the repairs would require the withdrawal.’ See full story.

Louisiana leads U.S. by new COVID cases, while Arkansas has record hospitalizations as delta variant continues to spread

Louisiana is now leading the U.S. by number of new cases of the coronavirus-borne illness COVID-19, while Arkansas has record number of hospitalized patients leaving just eight ICU beds open as the highly transmissible delta variant of the virus continues to spread rapidly in states with low vaccination rates. See full story.


While case counts rise, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis proclaims Florida ‘a free state.’ See full story.

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