Strategists at UBS say expectations for 64% growth in earnings per share still aren’t high enough. See full story.

The cost of living posts biggest surge since 2008, CPI shows

The cost of living rose in June by the largest amount since 2008, leaving the increase in U.S. inflation over the past 12 months well over 5%. See full story.

Monthly payments of up to $300 per child are starting for most families — and could keep coming for years

As the U.S. government prepares to send out up to $300 a month per child to millions of families beginning Thursday, the payments could end up coming for years rather than fading away next year as planned, according to some analysts and advocates. See full story.

Should schools and employers mandate COVID vaccination? Americans come down on one side — by a whisker

‘I do believe at the local level … there should be more mandates,’ Anthony Fauci said Sunday. See full story.

‘I am done with the suburbs. I want a small, liberal town or city with a walkable downtown’: Where should my family move?

‘We are in our 40s and have two kids that are highly academically inclined, so we need to find an area with great schools.’ See full story.


The power source for an electric car is an expensive component to replace. Here’s how long you can expect a battery to last, and how to extend its life, too. See full story.

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