General Motors

is going mostly electric by 2035. Volvo

is going all-electric by 2030. So is Mini. And Jaguar. And Mercedes (in some markets). But you know who’s going to beat them all?

Alfa Romeo.

At least, that’s what parent company Stellantis

told investors on an earnings call recently.

The news is a bit surprising because Alfa Romeo is an enthusiast’s brand and doesn’t have a single electric vehicle in its lineup as of 2021. Not even a hybrid.

But Stellantis recently announced plans for most of its brands to move into electric vehicles (EVs). Plans include a Dodge “electric muscle car,” an electric Ram 1500, and a Jeep EV in every segment of the SUV market. Stellantis is developing four new electric car platforms that should provide Alfa Romeo with the technology it needs to develop EV alternatives to the heart of its lineup – the Giulia sport sedan and Stelvio crossover.

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Alfa Romeo sells only those two models in the U.S. for the 2022 model year, though some dealerships still have leftover 2020 4C Spiders on their lots as well. Stellantis may well have chosen Alfa to be its first all-electric brand because it can get there by replacing just two models.

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If it succeeds in making the switch by 2027, it could be the first brand on the American market to convert to an all-EV showroom. But it had better get to work fast. Reports in June said Audi executives had internally announced plans to go all-electric by 2026 — though they haven’t formally notified investors or the press – and Audi has a serious head-start thanks to EVs like the e-tron SUV and e-tron GT high-performance sedan.

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