Trip computers that display average fuel economy and an estimated distance to an empty tank may be off by 6% or more, AAA found.

In a study conducted at the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center, AAA discovered discrepancies as high as a 6.4% overestimated fuel economy and as low as 2.2% underestimation.

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Similarly, the “miles to empty” readout accuracy varied between vehicles. That estimation of a vehicle’s range until its tank is empty is based on a manufacturer-specific algorithm that looks at recent driving habits. Even with the same amount of fuel remaining in a tank, recent aggressive driving with hard acceleration will assume the driver will burn through the rest of the tank quickly. In contrast, gentle driving at moderate speeds will trigger a higher distance to empty reading. The algorithms assume drivers will continue to operate the vehicle similarly to recent operation.

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AAA did not state which vehicles it tested using the Automotive Research Center’s dynamometer, kind of an automotive treadmill allowing a vehicle to operate at high speeds on rollers without physically moving. Such devices are commonly used for emissions testing.

Your mileage may vary, after all. 

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